Pastel Lesson Download…How to Paint Animals with Pastel

‘Siamese Beauty’      5×7          pastel         ©Karen Margulis

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I finally did it!  I have put together a complete pastel lesson and demo in booklet form.  I do post mini demos on the blog but I have been wanting to find a way to share a more in depth lesson. When I saw that Etsy had a category to share Digital Downloads I thought it would be a perfect way to share my lessons.  It was just a matter of finding the time to put the lesson together.  Here it is!
Download the PDF lesson $6 in my Etsy shop
I chose ‘Painting Animals’ as my first lesson. It is based on a class I teach on my approach to painting animals with pastels. I posted an abbreviated version of the demo on the blog but I have expanded my descriptions and added some extra thoughts and details. The demo photos are in full color.  The lesson is available in PDF format in my Etsy shop for $6.  You can download the file and view it on your computer or print it out and staple it to make a booklet.




The subject of the demo is my Siamese Cat Toblerone. Tobi makes a great subject to illustrate my approach.  I use the same approach for any animal I paint. I even use the same steps when painting an animal in oil or acrylic. So you don’t have to be a pastelist to follow along.


If you aren’t familiar with Etsy….it is a wonderful online venue for fine art and crafts as well as vintage items. It is clean and easy to navigate and is a wonderful place to browse for unique items. I have been selling some of my small paintings on Etsy . A couple of weeks ago I came across a digital download of knitting patterns and I thought hmmmmm now this is how I can share my lessons!
If you enjoy my blog demos think of this booklet as an expanded blog post that you can print out and save. If you know of anyone that might be interested please share this post. AND I welcome your suggestions for future lessons!


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  1. G. Arturo Leal says:

    Dear Karen: I confirm my taste for your excelent paintings.
    Thank you for sharing with me this acquarells and pastels.

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